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    As a part of my development goals at Culture Amp, I've been wanting to become more advanced in the frontend development areas. Several weeks ago, I subscribed to the [Epic React](https://epicreact.dev/) course by Kent C Dodds - thanks to Culture Amp who sponsored my learning for this. To have me accountable, in the next several weeks I'll post my learning notes from the course with the hope it will be useful for anyone who reads it without violating the copyright of the course.
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    Like many other people here in Australia who currently looking into getting a permanent residence and come from a non-English speaking country, take an English Test is a must requirement for the visa application. The current pandemic situation makes the situation harder as most of the testing place is closed due to the lockdown situation. For me, I finally ticked the test from my list this year after several times cancellation because of the restriction. Last Monday, I took my PTE Exam, and I got the result the next day. I'm happy with my result as it more than enough score for the visa that I'm going to apply.
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    The first time I was introduced to version control (especially git), I only think of version control as an application that helps me to store the history of my code. So when bad things happened, I can see the history and revert back to the last state of "good code" in my repository. Not until I use it more frequent, I learn that it's more than a version control, it also a collaboration tool where you write a history of your repo journey and share it with other developers. That's when I learn the benefit of having a good commit message can make you collaborate better with others.
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