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Palletio is a company that I co-found with the other two of my friends while I was still studying at university. We went into a couple iterations to build this product and at the end we decided to end this as none of us can work on this full time. We applied into several accelerator program with this product and our last accomplishment with this was went into the last stage of selection for Startmate 2018, Australia. The website is no longer active, but you can still see it run on my heroku here

Palletio is a marketplace platform where a warehouse owner can list their warehouse in this website to lend it to consumer who looking for rent a warehouse in a short amount of time without longer term contact requirement.

Technology Stack

  • NodeJS (Express)
  • MongoDB
  • React/Redux

Web Application Preview



Warehouse Selection Page

warehouse selection page

Warehouse Detail Page

warehouse detail page

Warehouse Listing Registration Page

warehouse listing page