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Hello World

This is very exciting to me; I just move into new blog host and new blog as well. I’ve been on and off for blogging for the last couple of years. But this year, along with my decision to take a master degree, I want to start a new fresh chapter of my blog. First of all, I’m going to move from Jakarta, Indonesia to Melbourne, Australia to continue my education. I take Master of Information Technology at the University of Melbourne. It’s a very exciting experience for me, moving to a new country with my wife, meet new people, experience the new culture. I’m looking forward to it.

Another exciting thing is this new blog is built using static website generator, hexo.io. I'm pretty exciting, when the first time, I read the documentation and since it's built on top of NodeJS, so I expect better performance than my old dumb wordpress.

Just like my last blog, with my new blog I hope I can share my experience with programming and some technical stuff. Sometimes maybe I’ll also post something related to my master degree and some about a new city that I will be staying for the next two years.

So this year is gonna be an exciting year. 🙂