ComponentConfs 2019 Notes

ComponentConfs 2019 Notes

For the last couple of years, I’ve been regularly gone to a tech conference here in Melbourne. Mostly around general technology/software development conference or specific programming language conference such as Pycon. But this week, I attended my first conference around front-end technology, it’s ComponentsConfs 2019. As far as I understand this is the first time they held this conference where it focuses on front-end framework that is built around components concept such as ReactJS , Angular, VueJS. This post is a collection of notes that I took from each session that I attended.

Session 1 - How Cinema, React, and Styled Components are Alike?

Speaker: Rodolfo Dias
Frontend Engineer at ToolTime GmbH, Berlin, Germany


  • This talk is a story on how he and his team build a design system component for their company and open source it.
  • They choose to use style components as a base css framework for it because most the members in the team already familiar with it and it’s has well-built support for React component.
  • This talk remind me of Kaizen UI library which is a library that implements a design system at Culture Amp. I was thinking, probably once Culture Amp decided to open source it, someone from CultureAmp front-end practice will give a talk around the journey we created the library.
  • Someone asked from the audience about why choose Styled Components that is created more for React over other css-in-js framework that is more framework-agnostic such as emotion

Session 2 - A Deep Dive into Kendo UI

Speaker: John Bristowe
Developer Relations at Progress/Telerik


  • This talk not specifically discuss about Kendo UI but more into a general tips for compoenents developer to build a good and successful component library.
  • He took a lot of examples from KendoUI / Telerik components (dah!!) but most of the tips also applicable to general components development process.
  • His 8 tips for component developers: - Do Your Homework - Support, Support, Support - Don’t boil the ocean - Go where they go - Do what they do - Automate everything - Don’t break stuff - Docs or It didn’t happen
  • Take a look at Lerna. It’s a tool for manage javascript project with multiple packages. (Monorepo?)
  • Lesson from developing kendo:
    • It’s hard to develop a component that’s platform-agnostic.
    • It needs to target the specific framework that it runs upon. That’s why telerik build KendoUI for Angular and React for ground up to target those specific framework.

Session 3 - Translating React

Speaker: Jennifer Wong
Software Engineer at Mode, San Fransisco USA

Slide Deck:


  • This talk is about deep dive into React codebase to understand what’s actually happen under the hood
  • She’s walkthrough the audience with the React codebase.
  • React is built within a monorepo structure, every packages is easily be traced in the React Repo
  • This talk opens my eyes on the importance to know what’s inside the framework I’m using so that I know what happens underneath and help on figuring out if there’s an issue came out.

Session 4 - When Virtual DOM Diffing is a Little Too Clever

Speaker: Diana MacDonald
Product Designer at CultureAmp


  • This is a talk from one of my colleagues at work in Culture Amp.
  • As with other talks that I’ve been watching from her, it’s always polished, concise and packed.
  • I never pay attention much to web-accessibility, but from this talk I start to wonder about the importance of it. And it’s not actually hard to implement accessibility in the app that we build.

Session 4 - Everything I Know about React I Learned from Twitter

Speaker: Jenn Creighton
Lead Frontend Engineer at Wing, New York USA


  • This is a second talk in this conference that run a deep-dive into React codebase
  • She build her talks around collection of tweets from ReactJS contributor
  • This talk explain an internal work of React rendering engine -> Fiber
  • The speaker spend almost half of the time in the session to run into React reconciler algorithm. I didn’t understand it the first time she spoke about it, but after the conference I look at the codebase and slowly getting a grasp of it (not entirely understand, but understand the high level of how it works)
  • She mentioned something in this talk that strikes me.

    Understanding how react works internally maybe won’t change much on your daily work, but it makes you good as an engineer, because now you understand the framework that you use in your work.

Session 5 - Technical SEO for JS Web Apps

Speaker: Martin Splitt
Developer Advocate, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, Zürich, Switzerland


  • This talk speak about how we can avoid any mistakes that developer usually made when implementing SEO for Single Page Application.
  • SEO is consists of three parts - Content - Strategy - Technology
  • SEO is all about content. Good copywriting is hard!!
  • Make sure that all page in our application is discoverable.
  • Resources:
  • Overall this talk is entertaining, but I was expecting deeper technical discussion around actual technique to implementing good SEO in SPA.

Session 6 - AI and JavaScript, no You’re Not Dreaming

Speaker: Yaser Adel Mehraban
Lead Consultant at Telstra Purple, Melbourne Australia


  • I didn’t take many notes during this session. This talk is more into brief intro to tensorflow.js and some hands-on coding demo along the way

Session 6 - The Final Push: Deploying React Native

Speaker: Alex Hinson
Software Engineer at Airship, Alabama USA


  • For the last couple of months, I’ve been doing React Native development at CultureAmp. It’s not yet become our offered product, but we’re looking to have something around mobile app solution.
  • This is the talk that I was looking forward to, because I and CultureAmp don’t have any developer experience with Mobile App development and we’re still have no idea around the mobile app deployment.
  • In this talk, Alex Hinson briefly discuss about mobile app / react native development and also compare and contrast three solution for deploying React Native application.

Session 6 - Ship Web Apps Confidently: Reliable and Developer Friendly End-to-End Testing with Cypress

Speaker: Amir Rustamzadeh
Senior Software Engineer at


  • This is the last talk of the day
  • A quite interesting talk around how to use Cypress to make end-to-end test for web application easier.
  • A lot of hand-on demo on how to start writing test with cypress, debug test with it and run it interactively.

Overall Experience

Overall this conference is quite interesting but it didn’t meet my expectation. If I have to pay to come to this conference by myself, I probably wouldn’t sign for this conference. It’s mostly because I don’t find the value of this conference align with the price of it.

Having two tracks with both tracks basically offer the same level of interest for people make it confusing to decide which session to go to. If there’s another chapter for this conference again next year, I’ll probably rethink to come, but it will depend on the talks and the theme of the conference next year.


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