Setup Flask, NextJs Application with Docker

Setup Flask, NextJs Application with Docker

Recently, I’m working on my side-hustle and launch is a platform that allows international students to search and find anything related to their studies. It can help international students by providing them with free tools and knowledge base of the question and answer from the community. I build the platform using Flask (Python web framework), NextJS (React Framework) and wrap everything in Docker. Before build passporr, I can’t find a good tutorial on how to serve flask and ReactJS application using docker. So I decided to write one now.

In this post, I’ll share how I set up my local development using Docker and docker-compose. I also share how I use docker-machine to deploy it directly to DigitalOcean. The focus of this post is more on how I set up the codebase to work with Docker and docker-compose. In the future post, I’ll make more detail example for both the Flask and NextJS.

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