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My name is Martin David Valentino. I’m a Christian, Father to my beloved son, software engineer and hardware tinkerer in my spare time. I’m a software engineer at Culture Amp where I sitting in New Frontier team (a team that is formed with a purpose of testing ideas and innovation that can bring exponential growth to the company). I decided to start building my own blog because I always encounter many similar problems that I already forgot what the solution is.

I mostly write about software development, Docker stuff and recently start to make something with Raspberry Pi, Echo Dot. I’m interested in technology, gadgets, web technology (I believe the web is the future), startup and everything about personal development.

Aside from technology, I also into a healthy lifestyle. I recently start powerlifting program (even though I’m not planning to compete in any meet (Yet!)), explore the beautiful city of Melbourne and read a lot of books (I have my resolution for 2019 to finish reading 30 books).

That’s me. If you like my blog and project, please subscribe to my blog and stare at my project on Github.



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